Shock: Lehmann Stirs The Pot

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Not that any supporters without Thierry Henry bedspreads need another reason to hate Jens Lehmann, but the German no.1 and Oliver’s Kahn’s tennis partner has stoked the flames of an old rivalry ahead of the World Cup:

“The English know that we (Germany) have always been more successful than them during tournaments,” Lehmann said.

“That is instilled in the back of their minds.”

“They know how to perform and how to play quick and efficient football,” added Lehmann.

“What they don’t know is how to go through a whole tournament because they have had a lot of disappointment in recent tournaments.

“We are ahead of them with our World Cup experience because we know how to do the job better than England. That is something they don’t have.”

Admittedly he’s not really saying anything particularly harsh or untrue, but the man is a bit of a tit and anything that comes out of his mouth can and should be considered a wind up.

As for having the ability to focus through a whole tournament, is that including the being sent off 10 minutes into a major final?