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He didn’t show up on anyone’s transfer wish list but Alan Pardew has decided that even though he was toss the first time around – Lee Bowyer is the man to help West Ham build on an impressive last season.

The former Charlton, FM, Leeds, West Ham and Newcastle star has joined has made his last few switches to many cries of “He’s crap right now, but if he can play like he did 5 years ago we’ll have a bargain!” Oh, and he tried to beat up Kieron Dyer during a match against Aston Villa…and is generally a bit nuts…and ugly.

Anyway, Pardew seemed pretty chuffed and apparently Bowyer is some kind of Hammers fan:

‘I am desperate to do well for West Ham. I loved my time at Newcastle but this is my club.’

We’re sure West Ham fans are desperate for him to perform as well, and whether you’re a Hammer or a Barcode let us know your thoughts on the man known as Bowsers (we assume).