Jol Denies Carrick’s Off…Kinda

Tottenham boss Martin Jol was just interviewed on 5 live and, amid rife speculation that Michael Carrick has already agreed to join Manchester United, he admited United had bid but that no amount of money would convince the club to sell arguably their best player. Jol made the argument that Spurs took a gamble signing him from the Championship, believed in and developed him, and hoped he would repay that faith.

Now of course the league’s most jolly coach wasn’t going to come out with “Sure sure, we’re selling Carrick to anyone who hands me a pack of prawn cocktail crisps”, but Tottenham supporters will be hoping that this is more of that famed Dutch honesty at play rather than damage control – which would mean the ball is firmly in Carrick’s court.

It would be a shame, ironic and pretty much in line with the last 10 years of the North London rilvary that Thierry Henry displayed an incredible amount of loyalty for Arsenal, only for Tottenham’s key’s man to bugger off.