Hargreaves tells you to shut it!

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Despite mass confusion around who he is and why he keeps turning up at the stadium whenever England have international matches, Owen Hargreaves feels he has nothing to prove at the World Cup.

He said: ‘I don’t think I have to prove anything. I have achieved a lot in my 25 years, I’ve won the Champions League title and domestic titles, and played over 40 games in the Champions League.’

So he thinks he doesn’t have to prove us wrong? Well then he can FU…wait…he said what?

‘People who don’t see me can be a bit sceptical and I can understand that but I believe I can prove those people wrong.’

Oh…well…alright then. Admittedly does play at the highest level, been linked to the likes of Liverpool and Tottenham and hasn’t really done anything too much wrong in an England shirt – though mainly because he would actually have to do something in an England shirt before it can be deemed wrong. Think of him as a sort of Theo Walcott-type conundrum, but in midfield.

Speaking of which…

Via Soccernet