Why isn’t Walcott playing? Apparently because he’s awful.

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In case you’ve forgotten, Sven did actually call up some bloke called Theo Walcott to the World Cup squad.

But it’s not just supporters who are struggling to come to terms with the Arsenal youngster’s inclusion. Portsmouth manager, and owner of the world’s floppiest face, Harry Redknapp took time away from scouting the FM database for new signings to lay into Sven and Walcott for being useless:

“Eriksson has made a fundamental error by selecting Walcott,” he told The Daily Mirror.

“From what I hear even the Arsenal players are not sure how good Walcott is.”

“I certainly think he’s not up to it. At Saints I watched him in FA Youth Cup ties against Ipswich and Wolves and each time he drifted to the flanks he was marked out of the game.”

“He could not impose himself even at that level. Through the middle he had pace, he was a much better player, but he drifts in and out.”

“I think Eriksson has taken a massive gamble in selecting only four strikers and, because he’s not good enough, Walcott won’t figure at all.”

A pretty damning evaluation from ‘Arry, one would almost think that Sven had never seen Walcott play before at all.

So is the prune-faced Judas right? Since Rooney, Lennon and Downing seem to be Sven’s preferred introductions when chasing a match, is Walcott now just some kind of Plan Z to partner Paul Robinson up front in case England get 6 players sent off? Or will the young lad actually prove to be vaguely useful by the end of the tournament?