Because Ferguson Said So!

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We’ve always said that the poor boy is descending into madness, and now the fellas over at United Rant have compiled a comprehensive list predicting the crazy ramblings that Sir Alex will be spewing next season in between hurling cups of tea, hairdryers and nearby Glazers at any member of the press who dare ask a question.

Remember, these haven’t actually been heard at the wee club known as Mancheser United…but they will be.

After a quick scan, we found a few that we’re putting money on hearing by the end of the season:
– With young players like O’Shea, Fletcher and Richardson at the club there are exciting times ahead.
– There is a lot of nonsense talked about formations. We’ve always played 4-6-0.
– The League Cup will give our new players a taste of winning things… At this club you have to win one cup a season.
– Wayne Rooney is dead to me (Ok we added this one).

Check out the full list here, any United supporters have more?