Boggs: What if Wenger left?

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Boggs ponders the inevitable, trying to remain as objective as a Tottenham supporter talking about Arsenal can be.

Probably not, in fact it’s likely that the suicide and blokes-crying rate would reach an all time high should the bespectacled tactician decide to pack up and leave it, and one incredibly angry Thierry Henry, all behind to join Real Madrid – as many Spanish hacks are claiming – but there’s probably a better chance of Theo Walcott appearing in the World Cup final this summer.

That said, we can’t help but admire and enjoy the spectacle that is the Real Madrid presidential election. Outlandish promises, some more empty than others, are thrown about in an effort to win votes. At a time where handbags at twenty paces are used to settle the many ‘tapping up‘ accusations across the Premiership, it’s nice to see these boys just come out and tell the world that they’re nicking half your squad and your manager.

But after the Arsenal boss has reportedly rejected Real so many times is there really any fire to the intense, suffocating smoke?

A Wenger-less Arsenal would be an interesting proposition, on par with United losing Ferguson. Wenger has almost single handedly transformed Arsenal from a top Premiership club to a worldwide name, and the two are inseparable in the eyes and minds of the footballing world. Certainly most of the club’s star players seem to be attached to the manager rather than the shirt.

Would sought-after stars like Cesc Fabregas, Ashely Cole or Eboue really stay on without him? Would a transfer to Arsenal still hold the same attraction to Europe’s top players? Or would football’s cyclical nature see the 2006 Champions League finalists plunge into the sort of doldrums that plagued rivals Tottenham for the better part of the last decade?