Worst England Manager Ever?

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It may seem strange to start such a discussion after England have finished top of their World Cup group, but it is a testament to Sven that his tactics (or lackthereof) and decisions (shocking) are still polarizing public opinion to the point that many supporters wouldn’t be particularly bothered if he was sacked right now and replaced with a bowl of hotdogs.

It could be argued that Sven’s biggest crime should he fail to win the World Cup was not getting the most out of the talent he had at his disposal rather than any one decision (it could also be argued that he’s a complete tool). Surprisingly, Eriksson has won a higher percentage of his matches in charge than all previous England managers other than Sir Alf Ramsey and, for some reason, Glenn Hoddle.

Things could have been much worse: England could not have qualified at all for a major tournament (Graham Taylor), played Gareth Southgate in midfield (Keegan), or been led by a batsh*t crazy bloke who brings in a faith healer as part of the England squad (do we really need to tell you?).

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So…who was the worst England manager ever?