Zokora Destination Revealed By Dodgy Photos?

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The boys over at Glory-Glory.net and SpursCommunity.co.uk have been going nuts over what are allegedly photos of a meeting between Tottenham Sporting Director Damien Comolli and Didier Zokora. To be exact, two seperate photos of a fan with Zokora and Comolli but at what looks to be the same pub at the same time.

The pair were together at St. Etienne before Comolli left to join Tottenham so it’s conceivable that this was just a night out on the town for old friends. But the London club have been the frontrunners for the midfielder’s signature amongst rumored interest from Arsenal, Portsmouth, Chelsea and Manchester United so it’s likely that they were together for more than a beer and to pull a few birds.

Admittedly, to us it looks like two random blokes in a pub photographed with a Tottenham flag, and the weird photo of upsidedown Fernando Torres makes things even weirder (have to click through to the full photos). Not to mention the fact that Didier may be holding a Tottenham flag but he has apparently already signed for the ‘G-Unit’. However, if these are the genuine article then this is one fine bit of rumor whorage.

But take a look at cropped snapshots below and judge for yourself, or click here for the full thread and photos.

Random fan not looking at all happy to be photographed with Zokora (allegedly)

Random fan and Comolli (allegedly)