Bell Am I? Would you want this talented human stain on your team?

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So Craig Bellamy has completed his “dream move” to the team he supported as a child, and is now going to compete with Peter Crouch and Robbie Fowler to lead the line at Liverpool. Bellamy’s problems off the field are well documented, as are his accomplishments on it.

The question is, would you want him on your team? What about other players of the same ilk — a Nicky Anelka, a Robbie Savage or a Joey Barton? Steven Gerrard has weighed in on the issue, saying

“We’ve signed a player with the right mentality for our club. It doesn’t do anyone any harm to have a player with what you might call a bit of a nasty streak, in a good way.”

Not sure that Bellamy qualifies as having a ‘nasty streak’ so much as simply being a bit of a prat, but is he a player worthy of having at your club regardless?