Your World Cup Round of 16 Predictions

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Alright, as the round of 16 kicks off today it’s time to see who’s random, uneducated guess is better than everyone elses. Below are the fixtures, along with the very inaccurate CaughtOffside predictions:

Germany V Sweden – 4:0 Germany, Podolski will score twice. (Ok it’s already 38 minutes into the match…)

Argentina v Mexico – 3-1 Argentina, Mexico will get a late consolation but be dominated.

England v Ecuador – 2-1 England, Ecuador will score first though. Sven will tell Walcott to warm up, and then send him out for some milk and eggs.

Portugal v Holland
– 1-1 Holland (penalties), exciting match and Holland turnaround a miserable shootout record.

Italy v Australia
– 1-1 (Australia), Aussies get a late equalizer and then nick it on penos. Pirlo and Gilardino will miss.

Switzerland v Ukraine – This is actually a match??? Anyway…uh…let’s say Ukraine 1-0, Rebrov.

Brazil v Ghana
– 3-0 Brazil, champions turn up finally and Ronaldo overtakes Muller as the all-time leading scorer at the World Cup.

Spain v France – 2-1 Spain, France think they’re back on a roll but despite an Henry equalizer the frenchies bow out with a whimper. Luis Garcia will get the winner and celebrate by leaping through a flaming hoop.