BubblyMickey: Carrick good enough for United?

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BubblyMickey runs the rule over Michael Carrick against Ecuador, but is distracted by that gorgeous mullet

I was especially excited that Sven’s latest tactical brain fart meant that myself and other United supporters would get to Michael Carrick perform under the sorts of pressure he would at Old Trafford.

Truth be told, I wasn’t that impressed. Not that Carrick did anything wrong, in fact in the first half he was the only one playing forward balls to feet – but he play that different to how Fletcher does in the same position. And he certianly didn’t look anything worth spending 15m pounds on.

Ironically I would have preferred to see Fergie go for Didier Zokora – on his way to Tottenham possibly as a replacement for Carrick. He would have been cheaper, has just as good a passing range and is far more athletic. He also provides the tough tackling in midfield to break play up rather than simply intercepting balls, something that Carrick has to be provided help with by whoever partners him in midfield – limiting our options.

There’s a place in the squad for him but not at the kind of money being bandied about. There must be plenty players across Europe who can do just as good a job in the same role, after all we are talking about a simple holding player – not Roy Keane – and I would expect our scouts to earn their paycheck and find us someone without having to break the bank.

We don’t need the most expensive players in the world like the scum in London, we just need the right ones.