England v Ecuador: What did we learn?

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As England bored the s**t out of us against Ecuador with a performance that spat in the face of Joga Bonito, we’re finding that as Sven’s reign comes closer to an end we’re actually starting to come to some conclusions about the Swede. In previous years, excuses and theories have been thrown about whenever Eriksson made a strange tactical decision, refused to make an obviously good one, or has just generally been crap.

Most just always figured that at some point he would get it right.

But as this is the last hurrah, what we see is what we get and there are no ifs, ands, or buts about the dross being rolled out in front of us. If the manager and squad can’t get it done now, there are no second chances.

Here’s five things on our mind after England – Ecuador:
1) Three players don’t know the national anthem. Sven (not English), Hargreaves (not English) and Rooney (not too smart)
2) Even when vomiting and barely running, Becks will not be subbed until the last possible moment.
3) England’s primary attacking tactic is give the ball to Joe Cole, and let him win/dive for a free kick for Beckham to take. What possible good could come from involving Gerrard and Lampard anyway?
4) 1-0 against Ecuador is enough for Sven to tell the players to shut up shop, time waste and run out the remaining 30 minutes. Perhaps they wanted to conserve energy (fair enough), or maybe Sven is just ultra conservative (more likely).
5) Sven hates form players. If Lennon had been given more than 0.00015 seconds, can anyone say he wouldn’t have created a few goalscoring chances?

Anything else come to some terrifying realisations about Sven and England so far this tournament?