Tenner: McClaren is already the Worst England Manager Ever.

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Tenner delivers a sucker punch to the gut of orphaned deer as he tries to come to terms with a McClaren-led England.

In an interview with Sky, Steve McClaren has revealed he is completely out of touch with football, England supporters and reality as a whole.

Some key, terrifying quotes:

“We’re getting better and better and we’re in the quarter finals…”

Uh…what? Better and better? WTF?

“For England now, for the players, for the staff, everybody involved who’s worked so hard to get to this stage, for us the World Cup begins now.”

So THAT’s why you’ve been so s**t till now. Thanks! I thought it was because you had no idea what you were doing, but good to know it’s because you weren’t trying.

“There are certain things you can’t control. Who can control that Michael Owen has a serious knee injury and we are missing from the World Cup one of our top strikers and our main goalscorer?

You can’t, but you CAN make sure that you have a fit, established striker as a contingency instead of some child like everyone and their nan was saying. Just admit you’re idiots!

“As we have seen with other teams, there are great examples of other teams changing formation and tactics to their opponents’ strengths and weaknesses.”

So what was going on against Ecuador because it sure as f**k wasn’t playing to their weaknesses. Unless you were playing to their strengths, which isn’t that surprising.

“We wanted to nullify Ecuador and win the game and we achieved all three.”

Three? That’s TWO. Come on FFS!

Is there one single person out there who has any semblence of confidence in this man leading England to major tournaments?