Boggs: Thierry Henry The Diver, Naughty Naughty.

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Boggs rues the day one of the last honest, respectable footballers goes the way of the Drogbas.

Oh dear, Thierry, you’ve let yourself down and your fans. Well, except for the Goons congratulating you for finally diving after being ‘too honest’.

After being held up by supporters and media as a model footballer who would never resort to such tactics, it was highly disappointing to see Thierry Henry take part in some blatant playacting in the World Cup round of 16 match against Spain. Carlos Puyol caught the striker in the chest, but Henry went down clutching his face in all the glory of slow-motion replay to ‘earn’ the freekick from which France scored the goal to take the lead. He has always said himself he would never dive, and criticized others harshly for doing so – now he no longer has the right.

Cue “It’s ok because he’s only done it once” or “It’s revenge for the CL final” excuses.

Even as a Spurs supporter, I’ve always given credit to Henry that he had conducted himself so well compared to the rest of his diving, cheating Arsenal teamates like Pires and Reyes. I even admired him for choosing to stay with the Goons when a most would had him going to Barca.

In lieu of a video of the incident, the one below is pretty much the same thing. Except Henry won’t face any sort of FIFA punishments, of course. Because he’s Henry.