Cristiano Ronaldo Hates United…Hooray?

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So after all the talk of Ruud Van Nistlerooy having a massive bust up with Cristiano Ronaldo and being shown the door of Old Trafford, it turns out the latter wants to join him.

The Real Madrid presidential elections continue to wreak comical havoc across europe as Ronaldo has openly expressed a desire to join the camp of candidate Villa Mir, who has also promised that Arsene Wenger will join the club should he be elected,

‘I have told my agent I am prepared to leave. I want to do it in the best manner possible. I want to play for Real Madrid and dream of doing so,’ Ronaldo told the Spanish sports daily Marca on Tuesday.’

‘Other candidates wanted me to sign a document which is not legal. Villar Mir has promised me he will talk to the club and all we have done is talk through an agent.’

Even though the winger would command a massive fee Ferguson has struggled to recruit any world class players recently, most opting for Chelsea instead, and some must be worried (or delighted) that this is another nail in a slowly-built coffin.

Arsenal and Chelsea must be loving it – Rooney, Ruud and Ronaldo sounds a tad more dangerous than Rooney, Saha and Rossi.