Three Changes To Win England The World Cup

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Sven sucks. England suck. Everyone sucks.

Depending on who you listen to – the football has been crap, the defense less than confident on set pieces, goalkeeper is flapping at crosses, wingers are diving, striker’s aren’t scoring, manager has one eye on Madrid, central midfield can’t perform for their country, and the squad engages in Wicca rituals at halftime.

While the World Cup’s biggest underachievers thus far may yet Greece their way to the World Cup final, common sense would say that England can only ride their luck so far. It’s fair to say that virtually everyone has a few suggestions as to how to get the squad playing the kind of football that makes us believe they can actually topple the likes of Brazil, Argentina and, more importantly, Portugal.

So if you had up to just three changes to make to the England squad; tactics, players, length of socks – anything – to get England to the final, what would they be?