Best Football Boots Ever!

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Sure, Nike and Adidas both claim to offer football boot customization through the Tunit’s and Nike ID respectively, but compared to Prior 2 Lever’s world’s first ever bespoke football boot – Nike and Adidas look like tits.

Taking a scan of each customer’s foot, Prior 2 Lever builds a pair of boots from scratch specifically designed for them and which can be customized further with a variety of colorful soles, casts and graphics.

According to Gizmag:

“The upper is made of exclusively sourced calfskin from Italy which can be manipulated using sophisticated technology to adapt color, appearance and function to the athlete’s needs. The outsole is designed using a three dimensional scan of the individual’s foot dimensions and unique walking/running style. The bespoke fit of the boot coupled with the hand crafted one-piece upper (negating uncomfortable seams and improving contact with the ball) make for an incredibly light design that preserves energy levels without forsaking protection and comfort. …

More details and photos after the jump…

P2L’s system utilizes a biomechanically optimized outsole (the base of the boot) that supports, controls and conserves the player’s musculoskeletal system. Individually positioned studs based on the athlete’s foot structure minimize peak forces on the foot whilst walking, running and sprinting. P2L develops relationships with players on an individual basis to help reduce injuries, improve comfort and performance over their entire career.”

One wonders why more professional’s haven’t latched onto this, oh wait…millions of dollars in sponsorship money, forgot about that…

Pricing and details are difficult to find, though if you’re planning to wear a pair of these on Sunday’s you probably don’t care.