Real Presidential Race: A Lesson in Lying

Apparently no one outside of England gives a toss about tapping players up, with Real Madrid presidential candidate Lorenzo Sanz now claiming that Michael Carrick and Tottenham have both agreed to a deal should Sanz win the election to add the England player to the long list of English players to become heroes in the Real shirt…well actually…whatever.

However, he has admitted that his two staff members responsible for the deals will ‘step down’ should they fail to deliver the players on Monday after he is elected. Unless something has been lost in the cultural translation, that means “I’M LYING”.

In all honesty, it’s actually not really tapping up so much as blatant lying. The candidates aren’t trying to secretly strike a deal with a player, they are simply claiming outright that’s it’s been legally agreed to already. And it wouldn’t be the first time a Spanish presidential candidate has failed to deliver on an election promise.

Interesting though that Michael Carrick is the latest Premiership player to be thrown into the mix, along with Arjen Robben and Cristiano Ronaldo, as most figured Ashley Cole would be the one named after a rocky year with Arsenal. But Sanz has opted for Zambrotta at left back instead for his slightly-deluded eleven.

But Tottenham supporters should take heart – given Manchester United’s interest in the Spurs midfielder over the past month, the London club’s negotiating position and asking price just got a lot better with Real sniffing around.

If any of the presidents deliver on their promises, it would certainly shake things up in the Premiership. Except at Chelsea, who are probably about to buy four or five wingers just in case Robben does leave.

Nothing like a good presidential race to spice up a boring transfer window.