United Bid for Riquelme…Hooray?

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Manchester United’s currently transfer policy is to bid for every single player in the entire world and hope that one agrees to sign for them instead of Chelsea.

Juan Roman Riquelme is the latest, admitting that the club had a bid rejected,

“As far as offers are concerned, I know that Manchester have offered I don’t know how many millions but Villarreal said that I was not for sale.”

But even if Ferguson was to actually get his man for once, is Riquelme really the sort of player who would succeed in England?

Yes he has hit his peak with Villarreal after a few years in limbo at Barcelona, but his slow, ponderous approach to football – while extremely effective in the right matches and tactics – has been criticised by his own countrymen and seems the opposite of what is needed in the high tempo Premiership. After all, Juan Veron was arguably one of the best midfielders in the world when he arrived at Old Trafford and we all know how that ended up…well actually we don’t…is he still a Chelsea or something?

Anyway, whether he is suited for the Premiership or not it’s interesting to see where Ferguson’s head is it at this transfer window. And by that we mean in a state of incredible panic.

But here’s a compilation of Riquelme looking like the greatest player in history, as players tend to do in these things.