Walcott is happy – and that’s all the matters, isn’t it?

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Many have been harsh on Sven over Theo Walcott’s inclusion in England’s World Cup squad, and struggled to understand the logic behind the youngster’s inclusion given the state of England’s strikers heading into the tournament. In fact, some may have called him a tit.

But it’s all become clear now, Sven included the 17 year old to benefit Walcott as a player and presumably Sven’s buddy Wenger – not England – you silly people. How stupid of us to think otherwise.

“This is a really big experience for myself even if I don’t play. It will help me in years to come I think,” Walcott told the FA’s official website.

And even more revealing and incredibly disturbing about young Theo’s role in the team,

“I’m filming myself every day on my camcorder, how I’m feeling and how training has gone.

“I may even interview a couple of the lads, it will be good fun to do.

“I’m saying things into the camcorder about training, how well I’m doing, how the game went the other day, the heat. That kind of stuff.

“My dad wants to know how I’m doing in training but I’m not really telling him because I’m putting it on the camcorder – so he’ll see soon!”

Have there ever been a better set of quotes coming from one of 23 players tasked with winning a major international sporting event?

To be honest it really is quite embarassing that no one realized Sven included the young lad because there needed to be someone in the camp who wasn’t distracted the actual matches to collect all that great ‘behind the scenes’ footage for the England World Cup DVD. Jermaine Defoe and Darren Bent should be grateful they were spared such a tedious task.

Now watch him score the winner against Portugal…