Your Parting Words For Sven?

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So England have gone out of the World Cup in the most predictable way possible.

– Penalties
– Lampard and Gerrard struggle as a cohesive duo, before missing their penos.
– Rooney goes bananas and gets sent off by a stupid ref.
– Becks is only subbed after sustaining an injury.
– Sven does nothing and generally looks like a tit.

After a reign of ultimate mediocrity and only managing to take arguably England’s most talented and internationally-rated squad as far as they would have gone if a blind, deaf guinea pig was in charge – Sven rides off into the distance a few million quid richer and laughing at all of us.

He changed nothing over 5 years, he conducted pointless experiments of tactics and players in friendlies that never had an impact on any competitive match. The team did not improve one ounce, in fact they may have gotten worse.

So, any final words for England’s favourite Swede?