Carrick To “Stay In London”

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You may want to sit down for this one.

The rumor going round the “Internet” is that Michael Carrick’s girlfriend bumped into the ex-girlfriend of a COYS message board member with whom she used to go to school with, when asked if she was looking forward to moving up north she apparently responded by saying that Carrick is “definitely staying in London.”

As far as transfer gossip goes, this may be a new low. But anyway…assuming that the message board member’s ex-girlfriend is to be believed, or that Carrick didn’t just tell her anything to shut her up about whether or not they’re moving, it would seem that the midfielder could be staying with Tottenham after all.

Alternatively, he could be buggering off to Chelsea if they don’t feel that they’ve got adequate replacements for Makelele (Diarra, Essien, Obi Mikel), or doing a Sol to Arsenal if they choose to spend some of the Fabregas cash.

This is embarassing for all of us, but until the World Cup ends this is what we’ve go to work with.

[Thanks to all those who sent this ‘tip’ in.]