Chelsea will sign Fabio Grosso

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Boggs believes it’s inevitable that Grosso will battle Del Horno to be Chelsea’s weakest link next season.

Fabio Grosso. You can pretend you had heard of him before the World Cup but chances are you hadn’t…unless he’s on your FM team. Yet here he is as one of Italy’s oustanding performers and directly responsible for the two goals that put his country in the final. He’s fast, tall, shows great attacking instincts and is one quarter of a defense that hasn’t allowed the opposition to score a goal all tournament.

Next stop? I’m guessing Chelsea. Yes, he just signed for Inter this summer but it’s nothing 20 million pounds won’t change.

There was a time when, despite the infinite riches at his disposal, Jose Mourinho refused the flavour of the month players, the big names, and instead sought to bring in players who were hungry for success who he could mold into winners.

That time has come and gone and after a little investigation Mourinho has probably realized that, yes, he can in fact buy five players for one position, keep the one he wants, and throw away the rest.

After all, why scout them all for months to determine which will fit your system when you can just buy the lot and check them out in training instead?