Serie A Giants Face Relegation

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The proverbial s**t is about to hit the fan over in Italy as Stefano Palazzi, the prosecutor in the Serie A match fixing scandal, has said he will be aiming to have Milan, Fiorentina and Lazio sent to Serie B with uber-villains Juventus banished to Serie C. As if that weren’t enough, each club would start with a severe points reduction – making immediate promotion difficult – and lose their place in the Champions League.

Whether or not any of this will actually happen is doubtful given that rife corruption throughout Italian football is the reason this is all happening in the first place.

But in the rather unlikely event that a football governing body has the balls to severely punish its clubs it could have interesting implications on the transfer market and the Premiership.

Fabio Capello has already jumped ship and Kaka is supposedly not far behind, if the clubs do find themselves relegated would the players stay on for a season to help them get back up or would there be a fire sale the likes of which football has never seen?

There’s a whole lot of talent at each of those clubs that would fill needs for virtually every Premiership side, which would you welcome to your club?

Full squad lists ready to be FM’d: