Will Ballack Be Killed In The Premiership?

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Germany are out of the World Cup, and Michael Ballack didn’t do much to stop them. In fact he didn’t do much the whole tournament, ironically racking up statistics similar to his new midfield partner Frank Lampard – 20 plus shots, no goals.

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has seen him play, even Terry called him a cheat, but Ballack isn’t really fond of the whole ‘contact’ side of football and tends to go to ground at the slighest hint of a tackle. He also looked rushed and rather out of sorts under the constant physical pressure of Italy’s midfield.

He’ll likely have to toughen up considerably if he’s going to have any personal success in England because if he doesn’t stop being such a girl’s blouse his primary achievement next season will be replacing Didier Drogba as the league’s most comical diver. And at least Drogba gives it as good as he gets.

The German captain’s technical quality can’t be questioned, but the aggressive style of Premiership clubs has sent many a continental superstar fleeing for more familiar pastures.

So, will Michael Ballack be up to the Premiership?