Them Arsenal Boys Sure Love Real Madrid

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First, Jose Antonio Reyes was the victim of a cruel and hilarious prank where he admitted he wanted to play for Real and that if he didn’t sign for the Spanish giants he would have to “continue playing with some bad people”. Credit to Jose, Arsenal and Arsene Wenger that the incident didn’t cause irreperable damage as it would likely have at any other club. On the contrary, Reyes has been allowed to continue diving and performing inconsistently week in and week out.

Now, Cesc Fabregas is supposedly finding it hard to resist the siren’s call. After initially being seen simply as an empty promise in Ramon Calderon’s presidential bid, the midfielder’s agent has all but confirmed – despite his Catalan links – Cesc would happily move should a fee be agreed.

“We had meetings before the elections and there would be no problems on our side, but now they have to speak to Arsenal and see what they say,” Diaz told Marca.

“He has always said that he would like to return to Spain, but whether that will be this year, next year or in two years’ time, I don’t know.”

The comments don’t mean that Cesc is demanding a transfer by any means, simply stating the obvious fact that if Real and Arsenal agree a deal then Cesc would be happy to go and join the sinking ship. It’s not the best news for the Gooners, but a lot better than it could have been.

Luckily, the club has shown they are happy to resist the advances of any club so long as the player is happy to stay (Vieira, Henry), but it must be frustrating for Wenger to consider that the player who was a primary factor in overcoming the loss of Patrick Vieira could be on his way out too.