Pot. Kettle. Black.

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So, apparently Chelsea will be asking FIFA to investigate illegal approaches made to Arjen Robben by Real Madrid. Ramon Calderon hasn’t exactly been subtle about the fact that he and his team have been in contact with Kaka, Cesc Fabregas and Robben prior to the elections and supposedly obtained agreements from all three to join the Spanish club if a fee can be agreed.

Chief Executive Peter Kenyon said, “Moreover, we note that Mr Calderon confirms that Real Madrid have spoken to Arjen. As a result of these various comments Chelsea will be writing to Fifa to ask them to investigate an illegal approach for our player by Real Madrid.”

We’ve had a tendency to take frequent shots at Chelsea recently, but they just make it so easy. The club is obviously well within their right to complain that Real Madrid are tapping their players up, but given that they were recently fined for doing exactly the same with Ashley Cole – it’s a little hard to sympathize. In fact, the main difference is that Real have admirably been open about their contact with other clubs’ players rather than opting for secret meetings at hotels.