Worst Transfer This Summer? Can Your Team Do Better (Worse?) Than Wigan

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Either we’re stupid, or some Premier League chairmen are. Someone please explain some of these transfers to us. Starting with England’s favourite, Big Emile Heskey.

So we were never particularly good at maths or anything, so we’re sure its something that we’re missing here. But could someone please explain why Wigan are paying almost twice as much for Emile Heskey as they got from the sale of Jason Roberts? Roberts hardly set the world on fire, but a return of 14 goals isn’t shabby either. Certainly not when compared to a return of 5 goals. Can someone please comment and tell us what the hell Wigan are thinking? Heskey missed sitters last season that would probably have seen Brum stay up had he made just half of them. The only thing we can think of is that perhaps Paul Jewell wants to get back to winning ways in the Championship like Steve Bruce?

What about your lot? Here’s the up-to-date list of summer transfers. Have you got had a worse in or out than this pair? Our suggestions after the jump.

Franny Jeffers — Overvalued on a free (Blackburn)
Craig Bellamy — Poor sale for £6M (Blackburn)
Fernando Morientes — Class striker, even if he didn’t show it last season. Even more so after Cisse’s Injury (Liverpool)
Djibril Cisse (Pending) — 21 goals last season. That’s right, 21. Some poor displays on tele, but 21 goals are going to be hard to replace (Liverpool)
Mido — Not really a transfer, but one that Spurs should have closed. The Egyptian showed tremendous class last season (Spurs)