Boggs: Wenger wants clampdown on diving…need I say more?

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Boggs is at a loss for words. And it doesn’t even matter.

I spent some time thinking about how to construct this article based on Arsene Wenger stating that he wanted divers to be subject to trial by video, a ‘clampdown’ on these villains of our game.

I thought about how to properly explain the irony and hypocrisy behind such a statement. But I don’t have to; the fact that I could just say “Whaaat?” and have everyone reading this, regardless of who they support, immediately know the what I’m thinking says more than my poorly-constructed arguments ever could.

Oh…besides this.

And this.

And yes, he lambasted Eboue for his dive in the Champions League final but that’s only because Arsenal lost. If they’d won, do you really think he’d come out and say “We didn’t deserve it, we cheated for the first goal – here’s the trophy back”?