Keeping Good Kompany

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Abramovich doesn’t seem to be getting bored anytime soon, they’ve got a squad that every club in the world would envy and they’re pretty much guaranteed to pick up a trophy every season.

Why wouldn’t anyone want to sign for Chelsea?

Vincent Kompany, that’s who. The recent Mourinho-rejecter opted for Hamburg rather than London and admittedly shocked us a little when he said,

“Chelsea is a factory. If you are number 26 on their pay list, you are number 26 on the field too. I did not want to play Russian roulette with my career.”

Kompany could just be a huge Shaun Wright-Philips fan, but thus far it’s only been bitter Premiership rivals making such statements about Chelsea – for a foreign player, a young one at that, with no apparent biases to see the London club in such a light is much more telling. Maybe the rest of us have a chance after all.

And to think we were moaning about the fate of football after all that John Obi Mikel bollocks.