Tenner: Good thing we rushed to appoint McClaren!

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Tenner delivers a Zidanebutt to a nearby child as he considers what could have been.

So, it turns out that Fabio Capello may well have agreed to coach England had the FA’s timing been better.

“The FA asked Juventus if it was possible to have an interview with me,” Capello told the News of the World.

“At the time Juventus said I was their coach and they said no.”

“If I had been free, yes it would have been something I would have seriously considered,”

“It is the sort of job that is an honour for every coach to be the manager of England.”

“But the timing of the situation meant it was not dependent on me. It was the decision of Juve.”

The new Real Madrid coach became available recently as the Juventus match-fixing trial picked up steam, which meant that England could have been lead by one of the most successful domestic managers of all time with a proven track record for managing squads littered with stars (Juve, Real, Milan).

But no, because someone HAD to be appointed before the World Cup otherwise there would be chaos with women and children crying in the streets. After all, it’s just the next four years we’re talking about.

It would be reasonably acceptable if this was an isolated incident, but remember that Phil Scolari revealed that he would have happily considered the job if he had been approached closer to his contract expiration at the end of July.

So…had the FA taken their time in finding a new coach after Sven resigned, rather than simply looking around to see who else was in the room at the time, England could have appointed either one of the best international coaches of recent times or one of the best club coaches in history.

But no. Because if they had waited then who knows when Steve f**king McClaren would become available again.