Boggs: Biggest Disappointments from the World Cup?

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Boggs kinda enjoyed Germany 06, but not as much as he feels he should have. Blaaaaaaatter!!!

The World Cup was great, as it always is in comparison to the usually football-less summer, but it did include it’s fair share of let downs. Just the notion of an Italy vs. France final meant that quite a few things did not go the way the ‘pundits’ expected. Which in layman’s terms means I lost a shitload of money (Thanks a LOT, Lawro).

But I was equally agrieved that Messi and Rooney never recovered to make a real impact, they’re fit young lads surely they could have just taken a shot of whiskey and used the other leg/foot/arm or whatever was bothering them. Not good enough.

Frank Ribery was also incredibly underwhelming, from what I gathered from the hype and poorly edited compilation videos before the tournament, he should have juggled the ball on his bollocks past 8 players before smacking the ball so hard into the goal that the net spontaneously combusted…and then got off with all of the members of Girls Aloud. And to make matters worse I watched him play in High Definition…which was bad…because he is scary to look at.

Other disappoinments include the refs. Not tough enough and to make matters worse they eased up in the latter stages. Why would I want to watch a football match that did NOT have 50-60 indirect free kick opportunities? It’s hard to beat a good near-post flick-on for excitement. Sort it out, Blatter.

Also, after some initial media attention the whole German-super-whorehouse story died out. Why?

All in all, it was a good show. Just a shame that Iran didn’t turn up (f**king Lawro).