The next…uh…Freddy Adu?

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First…there was Freddy Adu who drew interest from Inter, Manchester United and his new ‘favourite club’ Chelsea’. Typical.

Then, there was Jean Carlos Chera who even has a website dedicated to his various appearances in the media.

Then came Panos Armenakas. The seven year old who wasn’t good enough for Fat Sam.

Now, Nikon Jevtic – a 13 year old Serbian boy – is the next Freddy Adu…or something. Though Adu turned out to be crap…but whatever.

Jevtic has just signed with Schalke 04 and is one of many recent wonderkids who have shot to fame thanks to psychotic parents (or brother, who is his personal trainer), a cheap video camera and the Internet. He actually also signed for Valencia at the age of 11 but apparently he just couldn’t hold the ball up well enough as the lone striker in their 4-5-1.

As usual, the video makes child-Ronaldinho look like a shoebox full of shit. But even for a highlight compilation you have to admire his technical ability, those little bastards he’s playing against ought to be ashamed of themselves.