Do You Still Want Poor Ol’ Ronaldo?

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Apparently Cristiano Ronaldo’s mood swings aren’t limited to the odd weep on the pitch as he’s dragged Manchester United and their supporters from left to right with all this will-he-won’t-he bollocks about his future at the club.

First he wanted out.

Then the fans wanted him out.

Then the club decided he wasn’t going anywhere.

Then he decided maybe he could stand another season of playing with Darren Fletcher.

What we’d like to know is, after all this and his final decision imminent, would Manchester United supporters welcome him back or has the damage been done?

He’d command a hefty fee for replacements, but world class signings haven’t exactly been flowing into Old Trafford lately and Ronaldo – for all his inconsistency – certainly has the potential to be just that. Plus, we’d love to see how the fragile boy deals with the torrent of abuse he’s going to face at every stadium.