Boggs: Big Sam, arrogant and wrong. What a combo.

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It’s been a while, but Boggs still hates the Fattest Sam in the Premiership.

Oh Sam. How I missed you.

It’s only been a week since our focus has moved back to the league season and already you’re throwing out gems left and right.

After being utterly shamed by Didi Hamann’s decision to leave Bolton after about 38 seconds and join Manchester City instead, Allardyce came out with this load of self-congratulatory bollocks,

“Didi Hamann is a history breaker,” Allardyce said on the club’s official website. “I am the only manager to get £400,000 for a player who has never kicked a ball for the club.

Really? I seem to remember a strange little deal only a couple of bloody months ago involving a teenage Nigerian that netted Alex Ferguson and Manchester United around 10 million from Chelsea before he was even officially signed at Old Trafford. But Sammy is right to a certain extent, he’s the only manager to get exactly 400,000 for a player before they put on a shirt, but somehow I imagine that’s not what he meant.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what else he spouts this season, after watching him hilariously whore himself to the FA only to be turned down for the England job every press conference should be filled with bitterness and desperation.