Poor Ol’ Ashley Cole

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After being rather angry about intrusions into his private life, Ashely Cole has decided that a tell-all book is probably the best way to put the media circus behind him.

Some rather tasty quotes appeared in the Sun, perfectly timed as the club head into the business end of the transfer window and pre-season training starts, let’s take a quick look at his stupid and girly complaints:

“Arsenal hung me out to dry, using me as a scapegoat to get back at Chelsea,”

Who exactly would he have prefered to be blamed besides the club who tried to secretly poach a player, and player who agreed to meet with them?

“The board ‘rewarded’ me with an insult and threw years of loyalty back in my face.”
They threw years of loyalty back in your face right after you held secret transfer talks with another club? SHOCKING. Also, loyalty to a club that pays you a shitload every week isn’t exactly something to be admired.

“I’ll reveal the shattering truth about who fed me to the sharks.”

“Contract negotiations broke down and as a player I felt betrayed. I was on trial within football and it was Arsenal AND Chelsea versus me.”

You felt betrayed that your secret transfer talks broke down, resulting in you being put on trial? Are we in Bizarro World??

There is sure to be sympathy pouring out from all quarters for poor ol’ Ashley Cole. All he tried to do was engineer a move to Chelsea behind the backs of the manager who developed him and the club who pay his wages…who are they to then punish him?

Usually we would expect Wenger to hold onto Cole as the Frenchman’s approach to dissent is generally the opposite of his counterpart at Manchester United. Rather than handing them a fiver and tossing them in a cab to Heathrow, Arsene has been willing to show patience to his star players even in the face of extreme embarassment.

But with the Serie A firesale imminent it could be different. Mattheu Flamini and Gael Clichy are ready to step in at left back, and the money from selling Cole – or trading him – could pick up the odd Buffon or Ibrahimovic.

Here’s hoping Wenger keeps him and plays him, with Ronaldo and Cole playing this season the boo boys will be having a field day.