The Greatest German Ever?

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Slakr puts on his hyperbole hat and pays tribute to the legend known only as ‘Didi’…and Hamann. Probably Didier too since that’s his first name.

So maybe a bit of a misnomer. I’m not suggesting that he’s a greater player than Beckenbauer, Klinsmann, or any of the variety of superb players that [West] Germany have produced over the years. But in terms of his contribution in the Premier League and related competitions, its time to recognize that Didi Hamann has done more than any other German player, and as he moves on from his glittering years at Liverpool to a new challenge with Manchester City, I feels that its time ‘The Kaiser’ got the recognition he deserves.

One has to look no further back that Liverpool’s historic Champions League victory against AC Milan to see the dedication and contribution of this man. Coming on at half-time, with his team 3-0 down and playing with a broken toe, Didi showed why some have rated him as the best holding midfielder in the Premiership. Despite the broken toe, Didi also stepped up and took the high-pressure first penalty for Liverpool, converting what was to be the first of three successful penalties that would take the trophy permanantly to Anfield.

Hamann performed a similar steadying role in countless games for Liverpool, not least his final outing in the FA Cup final for Liverpool. While history will record his nine trophies at Liverpool (six meaningful, three fluff). Statistics will claim to show that he has completed more passes than any other player in league history. Yet somehow I don’t think Liverpool fans will remember him for these details. It’ s rare that you get players that combine those rare qualities of heart and discipline – Roy Keane was one of the few – and if you know your football its not unreasonable to talk about Didi Hamann in the same breath.