Chelsea bid 70 f**king million for Kaka?

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According to Club Call Spanish newspaper Diario Sport, which is probably the latin equivelant of the Sun, is claiming that Roman Abramovich is about to make a f**king 70 million pound offer to Milan to bring Kaka to Chelsea.

Contrast this to Manchester United counting pennies over bids for Carrick, Tomas Kufiazcjkz and pretty much everyone else they want. Or to Arsenal, where Arsene Wenger just admitted they don’t have the money to participate in the Juventus firesale.

The italian club have always maintained that Kaka would never leave, even after the rather messy scanda…SEVENTY MILLION POUNDS??? Sorry. Anyway, this transfer window has seen Chelsea’s buying strategy move from talented-and-hungry to famous-and-accomplished. The Robbens, Essiens and Drogbas are now Ballacks, Shevchenkos and Roberto Carlos…es. Considerably more impressive in the short term, but as Real Madrid proved there are question marks about how viable such a policy is in the long term.

But if the speculation has any grounds, it will be yet another challenge to the status quo brought to us by the fine folks at Chelsea: Does every player really have their price? AC Milan is not a club that tends to be subject to another club’s whims, so it will be interesting to see how this all pans out.