They’re baaaack

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After years of some admittedly predictable play in the Premiership during the 90s and early 00s, the past two seasons have been interesting as even though Chelsea made the league title academic the rest of the action has been far from the status quo with almost every club undergoing massive changes.

But as things change, the more they stay the same and a number of old faces will be ready for action this season after lengthy absences for various reasons and we’re not ashamed to admit to having completely forgotten some of these blokes existed.

So we’d like to try to put together a list of the forgotten players who are ready to make an impact again this season, here are a few of the easy ones:

Ole Gunnar Solksjaer:
The baby faced assassin is 33 years old. 33!! The ultimate super sub with a Robbie Fowler-like reputation for being the most natural finisher at his club long after consistently producing the goods. With attackers fleeing Old Trafford left and right, a healthy Ole will be a shining beacon of professionalism and loyalty.

Paul Scholes: Another Manchester United entry, after going blind or something last year he’s back and ready to continue his habit of embarking on long goal droughts. Nothing says barren spell like ‘back from a long term eye injury’. But then again nothing says welcome back like replacing Darren Fletcher.

Boudwejiafutn Zenden: Zenden still plays too! And for Liverpool, remember? He started his career for the reds well but disappeared from sight and mind after his knee injury, which pushed him so far out of our thoughts that we don’t even remember what kind of goalie he was. Similar to Grobbelaar we hear.

Kieron Dyer:
He’s back and healt…well..what’s the point, really?

Given that those are just some of the famous lads, we’re sure there are plenty of even more obscure players returning out of nowhere.

So, got anyone else?