Fergie Gives Up On Carrick…And Pretty Much Everyone Else

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While supporters from both side’s have still been caught up in all the will-he-won’t-he of Manchester United’s attempt to lure Michael Carrick away from Tottenham, Sir Alex has pretty much killed any further speculation unless Spurs decide to lower their asking price…which they won’t,

”The bid for Michael Carrick was an attempt to do some fundamental business before the World Cup,” he added.

“But Tottenham turned it down and said they are looking at something approaching double what we offered.

“In that situation, I can understand them wanting to play the long game. But we have put a value on Michael and we will not go above that.”

That ends that one then, and hints at either United’s initial bid being less than the rumored 10m or Spurs’ valuation being a lot more than the rumored 14M.

But Ferguson did have some re-assuring words for the Red faithful…wait…no he didn’t,

“We are trying to sign a couple of players who would add variety to our play. They are different types of players to the ones we have and that would only strengthen us.

“But, at the end of the day, we will not be stupid. I am quite adamant about that.”

For “variety to our play” read “for God’s sake please help us”. Given the general stagnation of United’s transfer activity, we’d guess that a couple of panic buys wouldn’t go completely unappreciated.

[Via Sky Sports]