Pennant to Liverpool…Hooray?

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They’ve finally done it! According to the Mirror (err…) Liverpool have had a 6M pound bid accepted by Birmingham for right winger (amazing!) Jermaine Pennant. The speedy, sometimes-jailed Pennant has been a target for Rafa for some time and Birmingham’s asking price was finally met after Liverpool pulled out of a deal for Sevilla’s Daniel Alves.

Should prove to be a fruitful signing, Pennant’s wingplay and crossing allowed even Emile Heskey to get the odd goal last season so Peter Crouch is likely foaming at the mouth…which is a truly disgusting mental image. And after some initial off-pitch problems early in his career, most of that seems to be behind him and living in Liverpool should help distance him from such unruly antics…hmm…

[Update: Good ol Mirror, reliable as always]