Rooney hates Moyes, insults Newcastle

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As is tradition in football these days, players “co-write” an autobiography, publish excerpts in some crappy tabloid and then kick up massive controversey by insulting various people and clubs from their past and present. The results can be mixed, just ask Jaap Staam, Roy Keane or Ashley Cole.

Young Wayne Rooney can now add his name to such distinguished ranks, figuring that he’d tell his 3 year story of soliciting granny hookers and staggering gambling problems in his own words. The latest revelation is that Rooney considers David Moyes to have been a jealous, overbearing manager, which says a lot considering that Rooney currently plays for Alex Ferguson,

‘I would have gone almost anywhere just to get away from David Moyes. If no-one had come in I would have joined Newcastle,’ Rooney wrote in My Story So Far, serialised in the Daily Mail.

The last bit is interesting if you enjoy taking things out of context – and we do – note that Wayne did not say ‘had Manchester United not come in I would have joined Newcastle’ or ‘had a Champions League club not come in I would have joined Newcastle’ but simply ‘had no-one‘ indiciating that the Geordies held a place in his heart somewhere between Accrington Stanley and a cucumber sandwich. Apparently playing for the world’s greatest supporters etc etc etc didn’t have quite the appeal as it does today.