Are you man enough?

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It’s Chelsea day here on CaughtOffside, and after doing a once over in the comments of both our most-popular article to date and Squiddy’s recent entry – a question came to mind:

If a Russian billionaire named Boman Habramovich came in, bought your club, and started spending 100 million a season – what would you do?

Would you cry that your own club is ruining the Premiership and even ruining football? Would you lament that any trophies won were now tainted and meaningless? Perhaps you’d stop supporting them altogether and pick up a season ticket to your local non-league team?

Or would you continue to go to matches? Continue to cheer them on, and cheer even louder when a trophy is raised by whoever you happened to buy that season to be your captain? And would you tell anyone who says otherwise that they’re just jealous mugs who should worry about their own poor club?

Chelsea’s fans don’t care, Portsmouth’s fans don’t care, Aston Villa’s fans cetainly won’t so would you have the balls to react any differently?