Want to be hated by thousands?

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Write for us!

To welcome in the new-look CaughtOffside, we’re also looking to bring in new writers for all Premiership clubs. Right now there are a lot of clubs that aren’t getting the attention they deserve, but you could change all that.


– If you’ve ever gotten better than a ‘See Me.’ on a school essay
– If you’ve ever been praised for your intelligent insight on football
– If you’ve ever started a pub fight for your opinionated, blinkered opinions
– If you’ve ever wanted the opportunity to anger thousands of people at once
– If you don’t mind people calling you a c*nt

Then you might be ready to write for CaughtOffside.

So if you’d like to apply, please email admin@caughtoffside.com with the following:

– Premiership Club Supported
– Brief writing sample on any football topic you like be it rants, tactical analysis or thoughtful haiku.

We want opinionated writers so don’t hold back.