Reina perpetuates stereotypes

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Everyone is familiar with the fat bastard in their Sunday league who goes in goal simply because asking any more exertion from him would be considered assault.

But apparently the same applies to Jose “So Lazy” Reina, who had to appear briefly as a midfielder during Liverpool’s pre-season loss to Kaiserslauten,

“It was the last solution. We only had nine men on the pitch and although it wasn’t normal for a goalkeeper to play as a midfielder, I had to do it,” Reina told the club’s official website.

“Rafa asked if I would mind going on to help the team and I told him it was no problem for me. Did I enjoy it? I don’t know – it was more difficult than I thought it would be.”

“I never realised just how much the outfield players have to run around in an actual match. This was only a friendly match so I can imagine there’s even more running around in a really important game.”

Hopefully he remember’s that the next time he’s bollocking poor Steven Finnan for not tracking back. But he probably won’t…because he’s so lazy.