If Vieira signs for United…

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How would supporters from both sides feel?

Does the idea of adding Patrick Vieira to partner Michael Carrick at the heart of Manchester United’s midfield excite? He may be aging, past prime and increasingly injury prone but there is no doubting his quality, experience, and leadership that would fill the remaining void from Roy Keane’s departure that the 18.6M Tottenham man will not. Most may think that the collapse of Juventus is spurring this move on, but anyone who knows anything might suspect that the sale of Paddy’s best friend may also have had an impact.

The Goons were mostly understanding when their captain left, but will they be able to watch as he runs out for their most fierce of competitive rivals for the past decade? The man battled so hard to help them overcome United now fighting against them? The fact that he’s been openly singing their praises is probably sickening enough.

From a neutrals standpoint we’d love the move go through, can never have too much drama in football.