Alright…who did it?

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Frank Lampard, Chelsea talisman and aspiring Pulitzer prize winner, is the latest mug to have some rather nasty quotes serialised in an crap tabloid.

The non-scoring, penalty-missing England midfielder had the following to say about his former supporters regarding the time he broke his leg appearing for West Ham as an 18 year old,

“As I was being carried off around the visitors’ end at Villa Park I recall cheering and some applause. It made me feel sick to the stomach.”

“I remember when Joe Cole first came to Chelsea he would turn away in disappointment if West Ham lost. I would smile.”

“That’s how deeply I felt. I wanted West Ham to lose. Now I don’t even look for their results.”

One thing that 18 year old Frank may not have considered before crying his eyes out is that it’s quite common for fans to cheer or applaud off an injured player out of respect and encouragement, rather than malice.

Unless, of course, anyone specifically remembers hurling abuse at the injured Fat One?