You’re All Greedy: Part 2

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Squiddy likes Chelsea, but some of our readers do not like Chelsea. Or Squiddy. That doesn’t stop him from taking the time to respond to some of those who took the time to let him have it.

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This whole blood money argument is perverse. Abramovich has spent £1.1bn in Chukotka, a region otherwise untouched by investment and has no charges against him that justify an accusation of “blood money”, whatever that means.

Liverpool, on the other hand, have been proved responsible, and accepted responsibility, for the murder of Juventus supporters at Heysel and killed English football when all our clubs were banned from Europe for 6 years. This is beyond question. “Liverpool” and “murder” are synonymous, as is the club’s official support for a convicted murderer in Bulgaria right now (cf Carragher and Benitez on Liverpool’s official site).

Murderers making accusations about “blood money” is certainly a bit “rich”.

And as someone else said, Chelsea play their reserve matches at Aldershot to help keep them afloat (have done for years) and allowed Notts County, Colchester, Huddersfield and Scunthorpe keep the gate receipts for cup matches played at Stamford Bridge.

A Huddersfield supporter rang 606 to thank Chelsea for how they treated their fans and was cut off by Alan (Blind-Scouse-Supporter) Green cut them off saying “We don’t want to hear that”.

if you’re referring to Stevie Gerrard I guess he proved loyalty and commitment is more important than money.

Of course. That’s why Gerrard stayed at Liverpool for £130k\week instead of joining Chelsea for £90k\week while Liverpool themselves wanted £5m more than was paid for Shevchenko. No blackmailing there by player or club of course… Ever wondered why Liverpool are skint? Ask $tevie Me for some of your money back.

Moving on, for those who think Cashley is worth anything like the fee Arsenal demand, you only need to look at Zambrotta and Thuram – both WC finalists – signing for Barcelona for a combined fee of £10m. As such, anything more than £8m for Cole is excessive.

Can you tell me what exactly was honourable about CFC illegally meeting a contracted AFC player, unsettling him and causing this whole sorry situation.

As made clear in the PL enquiry, it was Arsenal’s dishonorable behaviour that pushed Cole’s agent to contact Chelsea. That Chelsea agreed to the meeting was a mistake, but it was initiated by Barnett. That’s proven.

I find it amusing that you find the value of one of the best leftsided fullbacks in the world to be in the region of 6-8 millions in the free market, and at the same time claim that Chelsea never has paid more than reasonable fees for their players.

I didn’t claim that – Chelsea clearly have paid off unreasonable blackmail demands. More fool them, as I said. However, they haven’t paid exceptional fees. Only Shevchenko, the pre-eminent forward of the last decade, came at a cost higher than Rooney or Veron or Ferdinand for example. That’s unarguable.

However, the twat writing this article is trying to claim that chelsea are the “haves” and the clubs who actually do “have” the player are the “have nots”, I’m pointing out the stupidity of the “argument” as presented.

Chelsea want players. The selling club only wants money. All teams are allowed players and Chelsea used fewer than any club in the PL for two seasons running and intend to use fewer still next season. Abramovich came to Chelsea after looking at their footballing prospects, which is why he rejected Spurs and Liverpool, who Chelsea beat to a Champions League spot in spite of being skint.

It would be convenient if it were different, but all Chelsea’s decisions are footballing ones. All resistance is based on financial considerations from the blackmailers of the footballing world.

Yes Utd spent 30 mil on Rio and 28 mil on Veron but it was money that was earnt.

Was it? They’ve been living off the legacy of one crop of youth talent, but bolstered by the sale of their soul to the stock market at the same time and now with the Glazers putting them £660m in debt. I’ve seen this point mentioned on this site before and it’s quite accurate.

Does anyone actually believe that Chelsea paid £21 million for Wright-Phillips for any reason other than to keep him away from Highbury? (if you’re not convinced, then I suggest you count how many times SWP played last season – it’s easy, you’ll only need the fingers on one hand).

You have 37 fingers on one hand! Blimey!

It’s your fault you let yourself be blackmailed and pay over the odds. Why shouldnt we?

At least there’s one honest reply. The blackmail isn’t in question. It’s the unashamed defence of blackmail which is killing the game, which so many here attempt to justify. As someone else said, Chelsea buy high and sell low, so the accusation of spoiling the market is simply untrue. Chelsea just distribute funds among the poor in an act of philanthropy, such as to Man City, Blackburn, Huddersfield, Colchester, and Notts County. But where’s the gratitude? Repaid only by further blackmail, it seems to me. And all of you will support that blackmail when it happens.

And I’m the “hipacrit”?!

Keep telling yourselves – one day it may be true, but not any day soon.