Will anyone actually miss him?

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So after not appearing against Zagreb, saving his precious Champions League eligibility, it seems that Jose Antonio Reyes could finally get the move to Real Madrid that he’s been whinging about for years. Of course, despite glaring, and even embarassing evidence to the contrary the little man for Seville kept trying to pull the wool over by saying he wasn’t engineering a move and certainly never ‘said dem fings’.

Other than diving about like a tit at every chance he got, blatantly faking an injury against Real Madrid and generally pissing off everyone he encountered, Reyes didn’t make much of a footballing impact during his time at Arsenal. He hit form once in a blue moon when he wasn’t moping about in his empty flat and bagged a few goals, but never even approached his Seville form let alone his potential.

Is there anyone out there who will actually miss the spotty faced winger?